After our preparation year in 2017 we are opening a physical school in Berlin for internationally oriented students starting courses 2018! Powered by 40 years of experience of the School of Comics / Scuola Internazionale di Comics we cover the fields of COMICS, ILLUSTRATION, ANIMATION, GAMEDESIGN,  CONCEPT ART & VR all focused on delivering meaningful stories. Our objectives is to foster quality craftsmanship across the various disciplines: to teach how to create good stories and stories for good visually. We help to understand the challenges, opportunities and pitfalls of traditional visual arts in the age of digital transformation – a continuous learning process. The means to cover the multidisciplinary aspects of visual storytelling and prepare students for the jobs of the future.

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Visual thinking: cognitive modes of storytelling

Visual strategies, methodologies and tactics

 Story arcs, conflicta, a hero´s journey

Narrative + Narration = Story


Character design & development

Story design philosophy: WHY?

What do the audience expect or need?

Designing utopias, not only dystopias


Visual Arts in social policy, planning, and politics

Changing the mass consciousness for good – and for a living

Visual Arts can tell and foster meaningful stories

There is a market for positive change


Ludic interactive design  = serious fun

Humour is the best storyteller

Serious themes with playful methods

Challenging audiences, design limitations


The business of visual art is in a state of flux. The roles, the tasks and the personae of designers are changing.

No longer the genius artist,  the heroic aesthete or the inspired individual of our earlier modern past, the contemporary designer draws upon dispersed sources of creativity and innovation – and is expected to be also a technical expert. Collaboration, today, is key. For practitioners of traditional skills, a central paradox of our times is the increasing specialization, on the one hand, but on the other, the need for more broad-ranging and holistic integration of design tasks, working between and across disciplines. Visual arts are becoming an ever-more social, indeed sociable, process!


The imperative to collaborate, moreover, extends well beyond the domain of professional interaction and working in design teams. It also extends to the relationship with the users, clients and consumers of design. Designers today need to build deeply collaborative relationships with their ‘public’. Participatory design and user-centered design are just two key phrases that capture the spirit of this imperative.


The College of X is designed for artists, students, creators of all kind, lovers of visual arts and talents who want to venture into professional production or enhancing their skillset – part time to leave space for work.
The school, which is based Berlin, Germany and is backed up by an international network of visual art schools works towards developing a wide range of professional tools to suit its community.

Visual Arts discourse

Visual artists need to able to ‘do’ a multimodal professional design discourse. They must speak and write their way through complex collaborations with co-designers, programmers and interactions with users. They need to be able to ‘do’ visualization as they explore design alternatives through mental images and picture their visions into reality. They need to be able to represent spatial realities, prefiguring the three dimensional through the two dimensional and turning plans into tactile artifacts, manipulable objects, architectural spaces and navigable landscapes. The new, digital media provide newly flexible and accessible tools for multimodal and synaesthetic thinking, challenging our brain with multi-layered cross-references, social media & 24/7 inspirations in a globally connected visual market. Being up to date and getting inspired by new technologies is a baseline of professional attitude to stay a step ahead and getting paid as a human facing automated or aggregated cost-efficient solutions – also for creativity.


Modalities in Visual Art are also in a state of flux, its working tools of representation, communication, visualization and imagination. Digitization of text, sound, and still and moving image is one important site of transition. This has spawned new practices of modeling and simulation, of prefiguring the real in the virtual. It has also introduced the virtual as a design end-in-itself. We help to assess the benefits and traps of digital production and its roots in traditional design, writing and drawing skills.


College of X is a result of the professional realisation that we there is a need for a continuous learning process to stay competitive in visual arts. We are offering courses from 2018 on and are connecting artists, researchers and practitioners attempting to understand better the challenges, opportunities and pitfalls of traditional visual arts in the age of digital transformation.


Do you have character?! ONLY 100 vacant places! Apply early on for a spot – send us a drawing, a video (link 😉 ) or a text for one of the 7 courses we open in 2018! Send us a mail to


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We are located in BETAHAUS, Prinzessinnenstr. 19-20, 10969 Berlin, Kreuzberg. Office hours and Meetups will happen there as well, if not announced differently.
Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the first and most experienced co-working space in the city which connects a diverse crowd of DIY spirited people and start-ups.

We are set up in Betahaus, you can meet us there or @Factory Berlin!

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