Valerio Rizzo

Valerio Rizzo​ PhD., is a rare breed of brain researcher, photogrammetry expert and 3D generalist working currently at Berlin VR start-up​ where he re-creates pieces of world in virtual reality. His main interest is to explore the potential of VR and 3D technology in education, neuroscience research, psychotherapy and psychodiagnostic. He is a freelance neuroscientist and contract professor at Palermo University, Department of Biomedicine and Clinic Neuroscience (Bio.Ne.C.) with 10 years of track record in brain research made between Italy and USA. Valerio also founded 3DTAM (3D Technology Applied in Medicine) a non profit organization interested into brain adaptation to new devices and putative applications of 3D technology for biomedical use cases.

As a freelance Scientific Illustrator and Autodesk Certified Instructor, collaborator he acts as an active participant in beta-test programs maintaining a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Autodesk.

He has a deep love for old scientific illustration, medical photography and artifacts of which he owns a rich collection.