Our team organising the activities of the College of X is from Austria, Italy and China. We are additionally supported by international collaborators and experts in all the fields the College of X is covering.

Herwig Kopp

CEO - College of X

Herwig Kopp is an interdisciplinary native fascinated by the grey zones in between fiction and reality - e.g. as a human unicorn. He studied an individual undergraduate study plan in cognitive neuroscience (Univ. of Vienna) focusing on the role concepts play in Human life and since t is bridging disciplines. The results he disseminates in the mass consciousness of society in texts, talks, seminars and workshops: our most powerful tool we might have in everyday life “brain science” is – STORYTELLING. With his additional background in New Media Arts & Conceptual Art (Acad. of Fine Arts, Vienna) he researches the future of storytelling in Berlin - now as the head of the COLLEGE OF X. As a founder of the game development start-up NORmALUM - Mixed Realties he is developing story-based games and edu-tech as well as instigating awareness as a speaker that fiction rules reality and why that matters. He also builds bridges in between Europe and the East (foremost China & Japan), is an avid Live-Action-Roleplayer in Nordic LARP style and holds a 2nd Dan in Japanese sword-drawing (Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu). Some of his work you can find at NORMALUM.COM, MEDIUM, BEHANCE or at his blog TROPICOFCHOICE.