Our second event Comics & VR titled “The Art of Visual Storytelling” was a veritable success and attracted over 90 people from a diverse range of fields (film, writing, design, comic art, animation etc.) in end of July. Even though it was a warm summer evening they found their way into the Innospace at the 4th floor of the Betahaus, where we hosted the meeting.

The audience made it an extraordinary evening, listening, supporting and challenging our two speakers Lars Nonne (Lead Game Designer of “Huxley” by EXITVR) and Flavia Scuderi (Disney, Futurama, now Wooga Games and visual artist of the Graphic Novel “Wagner”).

Lars talked about the process of designing a multiplayer escape room game in VR, the world´s first one published – and produced in Berlin. He studied Media Communication at the University of Würzburg and “HUXLEY” is his first published game. Through his research focus on psychology of instruction, cooperation, motivation, learning and serious games he came to environmental storytelling which gets explored in VR. As the brother of founder and owner of Berlin based game company Trotzkind he had ample input, but setting up Huxley was still a profound challenge, technically and to represent parts of the story in an environment cohesively. More about the game can be found here: exit-vr.de

Flavia Scuderi is an accomplished industry professional and working as a Visual Artist for more than 10 years. Her roots are in Rome where she studied in the courses of the Scuola Internazionale di Comics and later enrolled in the now defunct Disney Art Academy. She worked for Disney for some years moved to Berlin to venture also into drawing for games. With writer Andreas Völlinger she published a Graphic Novel about Richard Wagner in Knesebeck Verlag titled “Wagner” and did draw for the Futurama game “FUTURAMA: Game of Drones” for Berlin based studio Wooga. In our event she told about the importance of culture and diversity and health as the most forgotten pillars to stay successful and shared some of the rules set up (and changed) while working for Disney. As an experiment she showed her approach to our collaborative story “Giorgio screams out the window” and did draw live and digitally Giorgio, the burning house the dragon and Gina for us. Her way of splitting the panels and changing perspective was indeed very inspiring.

We started a dialogue and opened up a door (or were it many doors) but could only cover a small part of what we call the “Art of Visual Storytelling”.

Stay tuned for fall, we will continue the journey!

Disclosure note
As we are working with industry professionals it may look like we are making free advertising for commercial projects they are working at, but the College of X is not affiliated to the companies who employ our speakers – we are inviting them because we like & respect the quality of their work and want to provide insights and behind the curtain access for you.

Also, if we get discount offers or better rates for important events or venues in town in our curated field of “The Art of Visual Storytelling” we are happy to forward it to you…but we do not have a share in the profits they make.


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