The BUSINESS FOR ARTISTS course has 12 spots available per class. Students will complete a one-year program totaling 192 hours of education and work


2x per week, 3h per lesson


15th of OCT – 15th of JULY


2.500EUR (+ 19% Ust. 475EUR) = 2.975EUR for one year*

500EUR of that as a non-refundable inscription fee.

Payment in rates: 500EUR inscription fee immediately (non-refundable) + in 9 rates of 301EUR = 3.209EUR*

* A 10% SPECIAL SUMMER Discount will be applied if you subscribe until the 31st of August.


We support you to present yourself better, to be more confident, showing a stronger portfolio underlining your skills and originality. Find your audience, earn more through work, quality and wise promotion.


The better and more professional you are in presenting your strengths and offer, the more freelance work or job options will get attracted. Building trust through consistent quality will help your artistic career, forming a solid base.


Money makes the world go around – why should artists be satsified with no money? To fulfil a false ideal of creativity through poverty? To suffer and create?


Your currency are your artful stories, illustrations, comics, animations, virtual experiences, books, films, games etc. There is in the end no way around it: your artistic offer needs to be competitive in a market! Money might be the biggest fiction in he world, it still might prove useful to learn how to play the game better…and make a living with your passion!

SUBSCRIBE to your course and change your future!

Only 12 spots per course!

[PLEASE NOTE: The course will be activated only upon reaching the minimum number of participants – if the happens the full payment will get reimbursedReimbursement (excl. the subscription fee) is foreseen only in special cases of cancellation or for written requests received no later than 14 days prior to the start of the course]