The COMICS course has 12 spots available per class. Students will complete a three-year program totaling 192 hours of education and work per year


Bi-weekly, 3h per lesson


15th of OCT – 15th of JUNE


2.500EUR (+ 19% Ust. 475EUR) = 2.975EUR for one year*

500EUR of that as a non-refundable inscription fee.

Payment in rates: 500EUR inscription fee immediately (non-refundable) + in 9 rates of 301EUR = 3.209EUR*

* A 10% SPECIAL SUMMER Discount will be applied if you subscribe until the 31st of August.


Following our 3-year course you will see your skills grow day after day mastering with ever greater safety all what will allow you to introduce yourself as a professional comic author and visual storyteller.


Choose whether to operate within established markets such as those of the Italian, French and American serial comic, or you will have the chance to test yourself by creating autonomous or group projects.



A comic consists of narrating a story by images divided into tables and vignettes, which can be created for serial products with high circulation. Comics are used to author books, magazines or newspapers, printed independently by artists as put out on the web, e-books or distributed by publishers, the strongest ones even becoming material for movies and inspiring all age groups.

Following our three-year course and thanks to the support of our teachers, you will see your skills grow day after day mastering with ever greater safety all the disciplines that will allow you to introduce yourself as a professional author managing the art of visual storytelling. After the first two years, in which you will lay the foundations of the profession studying the subjects necessary for your professional growth, in the third year we will help you to specialize in the field that you feel most suitable to best express your skills and develop a unique style, distinctively.

For all artists interested in publishing comic books, graphic novels, strips, humorous manga and euromanga products. It’s time to upgrade your talent professionally.

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Only max. 20 spots per course!

[PLEASE NOTE: The course will be activated only upon reaching the minimum number of participants – if that happens the full payment will get reimbursed. Reimbursement (excl. the subscription fee) is foreseen only in special cases of cancellation or for written requests received no later than 14 days prior to the start of the course]