The GAMEDESIGN course has 12 spots available per class. Students will complete a three-year program totaling 192 hours of education and work per year


2x per week, 3h per lesson


15th of OCT – 15th of JUNE


2.700EUR (+ 19% Ust. 513EUR) = 3.213EUR for one year*

500EUR of that as a non-refundable inscription fee.

Payment in rates: 500EUR inscription fee immediately (non-refundable) + in 9 rates of 323EUR = 3.407EUR*

* A 10% SPECIAL SUMMER Discount will be applied if you subscribe until the 31st of August.


Graphics, audio, animation and interaction fitting with an idea or story to get expressed. Students will test their skills learned during the course by creating video games using Unity for 2D & 3D.


Become a Game Designer getting the skills to develop projects for game companies/producers, finding a place in the creative process – or being able to deliver an indie game from scratch to a finished product.


Approach the world of the games industry and learn how to create and present a project, design interaction a story and assets.

Through the alternation of theory and practice, students will learn the basics of object-oriented programming starting from the study of Unity the widespread and versatile graphic engine in comparison of platforms for development on the market. One thing remains, no matter which tool you use – making a fun and engaging game which finds an audience!

We walk you through the nuts and bolts of videogame design, accompany you step by step to develop a story/screenplay-viable game idea and choice of game mechanics for videogames and to apply the acquired theory in the realization of a project. In addition we cover game history, game journalism, as well as marketing featuring examples & industry leaders.

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Only 12 spots per course!

[PLEASE NOTE: The course will be activated only upon reaching the minimum number of participants – if that happens the full payment will get reimbursed. Reimbursement (excl. the subscription fee) is foreseen only in special cases of cancellation or for written requests received no later than 14 days prior to the start of the course]