The VIRTUAL REALITY course has 12 spots available per class. Students will complete a three-year program totaling 192 hours of education and work per year


2x per week, 3h per lesson


15th of OCT – 15th of JULY


2.700EUR (+ 19% Ust. 513EUR) = 3.213EUR for one year*

500EUR of that as a non-refundable inscription fee.

Payment in rates: 500EUR inscription fee immediately (non-refundable) + in 9 rates of 323EUR = 3.407EUR*

* A 10% SPECIAL SUMMER Discount will be applied if you subscribe until the 31st of August.


The workshop is suitable for everyone and does not need special prerequisites or programming skills – making group diversity, levels of knowledge and background frugal for creation is our speciality. Still, the course may be particularly suitable for artists, architects, designers, 3D modelers, animators & professionals of visual communication or enthusiastic laymen venturing into a new territory.


VR, AR & Mixed Reality are quickly developing fields and those clients interested in VR applications for immersive and interactive presentations of places and environments are growing fast – not only for videogame development, but all kinds of applications involving spatial orientation.


VR has a comeback and renewal – and it is here to stay. Which fascinating Virtual experience do you aim to create? What do you want to tell… in 360 degrees?

Our extensive Unity3D and Virtual Reality workshop is aimed at understanding the programming & design basics and conceptions of creating digital worlds. How to interact room-scale or in fixed position through the use of VR devices using a simulated environment whith a purpose? How to evolve from simple projects to elaborate narration in Virtual Space?

We are living in the future, seen from 1970 – lets create fun scenes, utopias, or challenging puzzles! For virtual experiences our values “Good stories. Stories for good.” are valid – even if you use a dystopian fiction to make the point. Lets create inspiring worlds together!

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Only 12 spots per course!

[PLEASE NOTE: The course will be activated only upon reaching the minimum number of participants – if that happens the full payment will get reimbursed. Reimbursement (excl. the subscription fee) is foreseen only in special cases of cancellation or for written requests received no later than 14 days prior to the start of the course]