Flavia Scuderi


Flavia Scuderi (Disney, Futurama) is a comic artist based in Berlin currently working in the games area for Wooga and as a freelance visual artist. As our star ambassador her 10years+ career ranging from Disney (Princess, Kim Possible, Witch, L) to game production to her own graphic novel “WAGNER” (Text: Andreas Völlinger, Knesebeck – a biography about Richard Wagner) is powering up our College.

In 2005 she received the “Pitch Me” Award for the best animated TV series. For the Berlin game company Wooga she created the artworks in FUTURAMA “Game of Drones” and did do the character design for Hexe Lili new seasons as well as Mia and Me.

Other projects she was working on are Monster Allergy, Knax, Sorgenfresser, Kleine ICE etc. We are very happy to have her on board to share her experience with you. see a taste of her work @http://skudo.deviantart.com/

She was giving a talk at TEDx in Berlin 2017 which we highly recommend: WHY COMICS are GREAT (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0sB68jnhHg )

Her theme of “HOW TO BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL VISUAL ARTIST” in talks, giving feedback to students, limited workshops and being part of our jury for the yearly projects is the precious input she can give while growing her career even more (…and working on a new graphic novel).