Herwig Kopp

Director & Storytelling

Herwig Kopp is an interdisciplinary native fascinated by the grey zones in between fiction and reality. He studied Brain Research at the Univ. of Vienna focusing on the role concepts play in Human life bridging disciplines. His credo and argument in a nutshell: the most powerful human tool in everyday life is ~50.000 years old – STORYTELLING! But in a highly connected digital media world our storytelling skills need a serious update to stay competitive. He has an additional background in New Media Arts & Conceptual Art (Acad. of Fine Arts, Vienna) is founder of NORmALUM – Mixed Realties in Berlin and an avid Live-Action-Roleplayer in Nordic LARP style. Herwig Kopp holds a 2nd Dan in Japanese sword-drawing (Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu) and researches the future of storytelling in Berlin – now as the head of the COLLEGE OF X. He will also coordinate and teach in our STORYTELLING course.

Some of his work you can find at NORMALUM.COM, MEDIUM, BEHANCE or at his blog TROPICOFCHOICE.