Vittorio Bustaffa

Scuola Internazionale di Comics

Bustaffa’s style and velocity in creating characters and illustrations is a stunning example of professionalism and artistry. He spans illustration and fine arts and illustrated books for many publishing houses like Nuages, Bruno Mondadori, Diabasis, MUP, Ponte del Sale, MobyDick, Teorema, Tunué, Il Margine, Limina Mentis and others, broaching subjects of authors like Virgilio, Catullo, Hardy, Artaud, Dickinson and Gomez Davila.

Moreover he’s involved in Concept-art concerning cinematographic and architectural works as well as games. He collaborates regularly with the communication agency “Tostapane” in Venice, the art gallery “Studio Art Calcagno” in Venice, and the art gallery “Matita & China” in Padua and is a teacher of painting technique at the “International School of Comics” in Padua.

More about Vittorio Bustaffa can be found @ (photo by Luigi de Frenza)